Canoe / Kayak Rental and Reservation

Livery  is designed to allow the Canoe / Kayak Rental business a way to maintain a computerized database of customers. Livery holds all the information you will need, including customer information, vehicle information, rental status, trips, equipment as well as adjustments and discounts.


Livery 101

Livery will let you track all your Rental Customers and give you a record of their journey with you .... Download the Demo now and see how easy it can be to enter and track your customers



Now you can Scan and Store Documents, etc. for each Renter


Livery101 Others
Simple, Easy to use Forms and Menus YES ?
Easy Trip Setup and Selections YES ?
Trip Adjustment Options YES ?
Trip Discount Options YES ?
Cryptic Selection Icons NO ?
Retains Renter's History YES ?
Scan and Store Documents against each Renter YES ?
Easy Trip / Rental Setup YES ?
Easy to Use Reports YES ?
Converted Hotel/Motel Program NO ?
4 Month Pop-Up Calendar YES ?


Livery program was designed for the Canoe/Kayak Livery Operation that needs to easily track renters, without having to go through a lot of time consuming entries.  It was designed to get a renter in and out of the office as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still maintaining full information on that customer. 

Easy to Use Livery .... Designed exclusively for Canoe/Kayak Livery Rental Operations -  Download the Demo today!

ONLY $195

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No Support or Maintenance Fees

Try the  DEMO here   *Limited to 25 Customers


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